Browser Cache Chrome

How to Clear browser cache Chrome is a very common question. Before knowing that, let’s learn about Google Chrome and its caching system. Google Chrome is one of the mostly used broswer software around the world. According to statcounter, around 59% users user Google Chrome as web browser. Google Chrome provides different applications for different devieces like desktop, mobile, and tablet. Google Chrome is also available for almost all operating system including Windows, Macintosh (Mac), and Linux.

Like other browsers, Google Chrome also uses caching system for better user experience. Browser browser cache stores data in local drive so that if requests are made for the same resources, they will be served from local drive instead of downloading data from remote sources. Browser browser cache also reduces data usage. In other words, it helps people save data. However, as browser browser cache serves data from local drive, new changes on the orginal file isn’t immediately reflected on the webpage or website. To get the latest data of a website or webpge, we need to clear the browser browser cache.

How to clear browser cache on chrome?

Google chrome provides handy option to clear or flush broswer browser cache. After clearing browser cache, website or webpage data will be served from original files that are hosted on remote servers. To clear Google Chrome browser cache, we need to follow following steps:

Shortcut technique: 

Go to your crhome browser. Then click on the following url: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. It should show you a pop-up style screen. Now check on history box, and browser cached images and files box. Then press the CLEAR DATA button. You’re done! Your browser has just removed all chrome browser cache data.

Step 1: Go to the options icon.

On Mac, you should find that on top right side as (….). Click on that that. Then click on settings link as show below:

Clear browser cache Chrome

Step 2: Click on advanced link.

At the bottom of the page, you should see a advanced link. Click on that:

clean web browser cache crhome

Step 3: It will show lots of options. Then click on clear browsing data.

how to clean chrome browser web browser cache

Step 4: Then check history box, browser cached image and files box, and finally Clear data button.

how to remove browser browser cache

You’re done! The browser cache of your browser is removed. Now you can see fresh content when you first loads a website or webpage.

Image: How web broser cache works:Browser Cache Chrome