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What is Cache?

A cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that further requests can be served faster from the stored data. Cache basically happens from earlier computation or the duplicate of data is stored somewhere. Cache is a very effective tool to serve content in a faster way and improve user experience. A cache hit occurs only when the requested data is previously stored. If the requested data is not found in drive, the cache hit misses and serves live data.

What is Google Cache?

Google takes a snapshot of each pages of the websites (or most websites) for its users so that user can see a stored view of the page if the page is currently unavailable. Google cache also helps to retrieve old website data or compare website data. Google cache is stored in Google’s computers. There are many ways to find a Google cached view of a webpage. However, it’s not guaranteed by Google that each webpage will have a cached view with Google.

What is browser cache?

Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on store resources of a visited page in the local machine so that they can serve static resources from local machine in the future. These stored resources are called browser cache.

Beside static resources, browsers also cache other information like DNS (domain name server) of a website, Cookies, history, sessions, and so on. These cached resources also help browser to serve content faster.

Browser cache is very effective to load a webpage faster as they serve static content from local drive. Browser cache is also helpful to save internet data. There are also some cons of browser cache. Cached content makes a browser slow. It also results in more memory consumption by the browser.

How to see google cache?

There are many ways to see Google cache. The easiest way is to use our tool. Just input the url of the desired web page in the URL box, then press Google cache button. It’ll take you to the google cache page of the specified url. If no pages found for Google cache, It’ll return an error.