Where To Find Cache

Finding web cache isn’t that difficult. There are few free websites that freely work to take snapshots of the websites time to time and store them. The objectives of these caches are basically to help people get view of the webpage when the original website or webpage is down. It also happens that websites or webpages change their content or look over time. As the modified content overwrite existing content, it’s not possible to get old looks or content without cached version for the certain date.

How to find cache of a website?

It’s quite easy. Just use our tool available on top. Put your URL in the box and press on of the buttons to get cached version. If the platform (like google.com or archive.org) stores a cached view of your website or webpage, you’ll find that there. Otherwise, there is no other way to find the cached version that are free.

When is web cache taken?

There is no certain timeline about when Google or archive.org take snapshots of the webpages. It may takes once a year or once in every month by archive.org. In case of Google cache, web cache happens more frequently than archive.org. However, no companies esnure that a web page will be cached and in a certain time interval.

Image: How web broser cache works:Where To Find Cache